Why Unity For Game Development?

Unity is a powerful game engine with huge library of pre-build assets and characters for developing 2D and 3D games for multiple platforms. Unity is also used to develop multiplayer, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality games. Game development on Unity is cost effective, fast and easy since it use single codebase and works across multiple platform.

Cross Platform Games

Unity Engine is best for creating 2D and 3D games with a single codebase that work across multiple platforms, including mobile, PC, Mac, Web, Consoles, VR and AR. There is no need for developing games separately for each platform. Unity maximizes your ROI by minimizing your cost and time.

One Time Deployment

Games Developed using Unity can be made available on multiple platforms at the same by deploying only once. No need to for deploying separately on each platform. This further saves your cost and time and enables you to instantly maximize your reach to millions of gamers across multiple platforms.

Performance Optimized Games

Games developed with Unity provides seamless experience to gamers without any performance issues or glitches regardless of the device. Unity games are optimized for multiple platforms, which means no over-utilization of system resources. This results in uninterrupted gaming experience across the platforms.


Why Digital Dividend for Unity Development?

Dedicated Unity Game Developers

Digital Dividend boasts a team of highly trained and experienced specialists. Our Unity game developers have developed tons of 2D and 3D games with dynamic environment and rich content. Our developers understand the architecture of various platforms, which helps them develop an optimized game that delivers seamless experience across the platforms.

Custom Characters and Assets Creation

Unity has a library of pre-build characters and assets allowing quick scene creations. However, if you need to incorporate custom characters or assets in your game, then we have got the right team for you. Just like our developers, our designers are also experienced in designing beautiful games with lifelike characters and assets and dynamic graphical effects.

Cross Platform Game Development

Our Unity developers have a successful track record of creating cross platform games. We have developed games that are optimized for Web, Mobile, PC and other platforms. We understand that user experience varies for each platform and we develop games that are optimized to deliver best user experience for each platform.

All Types of Games

Games come in various flavors and due to our years of experience in various industries, we happen to be experienced in most of them. Educational games, shooter games, puzzle games, shoot’em up games, just name it. We have developed games that delighted our clients and love by gamers around the world.

AR/VR Game Development

Technology never remains same, especially when it comes to gaming industry. With the arrival of more powerful devices, it is now possible to completely immerse into a game using AR and VR technology. We create immersive experience that are bound to mesmerize gamers using AR and VR technology.

Support and Maintenance

We know that a game has a long shelf life, which is why we also provide support and maintenance service once the game has been deployed. While we take care of patching, updates and support, you can think of new ways to make your game more successful and profitable.