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Key Facts to Consider Before Hiring a Web Designer

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Designers work must match with Your Vision

This is important to consider while skimming through the web designer’s portfolio. Every business has different strategies, target audience and overall vision. You should make sure that the web designer you are to hire reflects your business style, the website should be well-crafted, and designs should be modern and current, and professionally & completely optimized. Without proper optimization, every business will likely to miss out users and viewers.

Contact prior Clients for testimony

Prior client’s references plays role in the decisive factor about the work of your potential partner and another way to learn more about the company. It is always a sensible idea to talk with previous clients to get better understanding of the company, appraise their work, how the final product turned out? How successful has the website become? Are there any pitfalls you should be aware of? What you can expect from web design agency.

Project team Information

Some web design houses may assign individual person or a team of individuals to your project, subject to the scope of work. Whether some of the project work will be assigned to off shore or done in-house. It is crucial to know the scope of experience and qualification of the person or team working on your project. You may ask for work done by them, talk over their expertise in web design tools and request client references.

SEO optimization

SEO has changed the way website worked dramatically over the last several years. What was thought to be once highly technical is now much more about developing the content that audience is searching for online. Your web designer should give you clear suggestion of how they will engage SEO on your website. Search engine optimizing is one of the key factor of quality design. So be sure about which approach to SEO will be taken and how will they balance the right content and the right technical optimizations.

Developing website in a Content Management System (CMS)

According to Webopedia, a content management system, also called a Web management system is a software or a group of applications and tools that enable an organization to seamlessly create, edit, review and publish electronic text. Nowadays, almost all websites that are up-to-date are using CMS. There are tons of options that provide us the power of CMS, be sure that whatever platform web designer chooses, it should be aligned with the needs and requirements of your website. You will also want to find out if it is a web-based interface, and user friendly, and whether you have access to all functionalities, whether there is any training facility if you are using it for the first time. In the end, your company will be using this feature the most, so it should be easy to use for your team.

Website Ownership

Copyright law states: the creator of the design & content on a website ipso facto becomes the legal owner of the design or content the very moment when it’s designed or written. This means that by fact you do not own the website. So it is important to discuss with your web designer “work-for-hire” agreement to let you claim the ownership of your own digital property. Some of the main things you could actually own may be the visual design, HTML/CSS/Javascript, custom source code, and the content: text or photos present in the website.

Project Completion Period

Typically, the timeline of a web design project depends greatly on the scope of the work, schedule, and how promptly both you and the web designer meets the deadlines. Based on your project the web partner should be able to estimate how long a project might take, and provides basic timeline and milestones. And also how they will manage if they’re unable to meet the deadlines.

Working under Budget

This is also the main factor to consider, and you must not forget to ask the web designer whether they can work within your budget. Think of it like sharing your budget with car dealer or real estate agency. If they do not know your budget, they will not be able to show you what kind of car or home will best suit you. While deciding this, one thing should be kept in mind, is the cost vs. benefits. This analysis is the decisive factor on either you should reconsider your budget. Sometimes it is worth fork over initially for higher returns.

What’s included in the Quoted Price

Just like any other field or work, there are people who will overcharge and others who will try to keep the cost to minimum due to competition. The challenge for the company is to find the balance in pricing. The structure of the price of web design varies among companies, some use flat project price or hourly rates. The price is centered on experience, knowledge, expertise and the scope of the project. And it’s essential to understand that what is included in the price quote and what’s not, whether there are any additional or hidden costs. This all should be communicated before getting into the project.

While the design responsibilities fall entirely on the shoulders of your web design firm, you have some responsibilities as well. The best websites are not created only with the efforts web designer agency, but company’s involvement in every stage is also necessary.

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