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How should I start a Career as a Web Designer

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Once you choose any career, it is necessary to know and understand how and from where to start the career path. The very success or failure depends upon the paths we choose in our career. Before you go out and pick a career path, it’s essential that you take the time to determine what success means to you. If you are creative, tech savvy and really passionate to design and create piece of art with the blend of technology then you’re exactly where you should be!

In the present Digitalized era, through website one can reach their customer globally. According to the info graphic presented by “daily mail” about 70 new domains are registered and 571 new websites are created within a minute online. This figure clearly indicates that a web developer is a good career option.

Who exactly is the web designer? Let me try to simply explain you the whole sort of work a Web Designer go through. The web designer is like being a cyber-architect, it’s all about building company’s building in cyber space. Just like an architect design house by using technical tools to design framework. For example what quality of material be used, and meeting the standards of houses around the area. That’s all technical stuff. Once the technical side is done, now comes the color schemes, the exterior and interior, how these designs and color schemes characterize the like and desires of the home owner? That’s a part of designing home which require more creativity and imagination. And you should know whether you stand in technical side of the building or designing.

It is not very easy to succeed in the career, you either have to be really confident in yourself and passionate about you work or give it up and find something more suitable for you. This happens because there are tons of good designers, because this is highly saturated industry with cut throat competition and you have to fight really hard to get your own place.

We will share with you the tips to getting started with the career path as a Web Designer.


There are particular set of educational requirements to become a website designer, most of the web designers have mastered skills on their own with the help of practice and free internet knowledge.

A web designer needs to be arty as well as computer savvy. Therefore, most website design degree programs focus on combining digital media courses with computer and web programming courses.

More universities are now offering web design programs, as are many online universities. Students interested in a degree in website design may also want to consider art schools as well as technical institutes.


Join a good web design forum and follow the professional and experienced web designers, make them your peers, and look for their tips and advices. Be a part of the web designer community and get in touch with designer around the world, learn from their mistakes or successes.

Spend time on web design forums and community to learn from others’ mistakes and do researching and looking for good materials that will inspire you.


There are certain set of skills that are must have’s for the web designers. You will have to acquire the core knowledge of some basic programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash PHP, ASP, jQuery and others.

And a little knowledge of SEO will help your website to attract the visitors. Also for graphic editing, you have to get a grip on Photoshop software, such as Adobe PhotoShop. If you are thinking of moving into 3D models in your designing, then you should opt for 3D computer graphics softwares like 3D Max, Maya, etc.

Web design is a field of constant development, so you’ll have to be in a permanent training state. You will always have something new to learn, and while at times it can be exciting. This is the hardest thing to get actually, but with patience and passion you can ace it.


Practice, practice and practice!

Yes, becoming competitive and up to the mark web designer requires a lot of hardwork and practice. Practice all the time and view the world like a designer would see it, capture all the interesting and inspiring information and convert it into design.

Follow the trends, get knowledge of what’s new. Try out new things. Join freelancer, and do a lot of practice, it’s not that you’ll never be failed, but from that you will also learn.


As a beginner, you don’t have any clients, so the best idea is to start making your own website portfolio. Where you can show case all the work that you’ve done and allow people to contact you.

Building your own website helps you to show prospective employers how good you are and what you can do, so that they might hire you.

A personal portfolio is all about promoting yourself. You are a brand and your name is a brand name and no one is going to know about your name unless you get into the playground.

A personal portfolio is all about promoting yourself. You are a brand and your name is a brand name and no one is going to know about your name unless you get into the playground.

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